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This product is in our clearance section and has manufacturer blemishes. It has been inspected by our warehouse staff, and all blemishes are noted in the description below.
Product Image Mangrove 18

Mangrove 18

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1737 (193 square yards)

Milliken (Ontera) carpet tile 18x18  black n tan level loop with pvc backing

September 2015 Ontera Modular Carpets became a member of the Milliken family of companies.Should install using 1/4 turn installation. May be more than one dye lot and some tiles may have rough edges due to a dull dye cutter. It’s black and gray and tan Hughes. Good looking but you can see some of the mate lines where some of the pieces have grinning

in stock 193.50  10 lbs psy

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Milliken (Ontera)