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13 Apr

What are Carpet Tiles?

Posted by Vada

Carpet tiles are your carpet and your padding in one handy dandy little square.  No more figuring on pattern match, or needing high tech equipment to install one room… The confusion is gone for all spaces, even oddly shaped ones. No more high pressure decisions on what type of padding. All the stress has already been taken care of with these amazing squares!

Carpet tiles start off like most carpets, but then they get modified for super hero action. Instead of a normal action backing that you would find on a rolled carpet, there is a hard piece of resin, a layer of foam, and then a material that feels like felt.  Now some carpet tiles have a rubberized backing, or what you will see on our website listed as PVC backing. We will go into the differences of these two at another time, but as far as wear and durability, you can’t go wrong with either one.

After being sized and cut, you are left with an amazing product whose only purpose in existing is being beautiful and lasting forever.  With that being said, keep in mind that carpet tile is for use and abuse… It is not going to feel like your standard residential carpet. It has gained massive attention and use in the residential market, however, because of its ease of install, the ability to handle, the opportunity to create a personalized floor, and for the value.

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